Nike Merlin

Nike Merlin

Nike Merlin is the official ball of the Premier League 2018-2019. Since 2004, Adidas has used seamless technology, and Nike introduced the first seamless ball only in 2013-2014. Probably, after such a noticeable lag, Nike’s management decided to play ahead of the curve. That is why talented American engineers introduced this incredible Nike Merlin to the world.

So this ball is made up of four large trefoil-shaped panels. This maximizes the hitting surface for incredible goals and the most accurate passes. Merlin panels are bonded using thermal bonding technology. The outer layer has a special texture in the form of arcuate grooves. Moreover, this texture is complemented by special ink that was applied using a 3D printer. Merlin’s color scheme is also no coincidence. This combination of colors allows you to react as quickly as possible to a spinning ball and immediately make a decision even at the most dynamic moment of the match.

The name of this ball is associated with the legendary Nike Geo Merlin. It was one of the first Nike balls in the European leagues. You may have also seen Nike Geo Merlin in the UEFA Champions League.


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