Nike Geo Merlin


Nike Geo Merlin1

This is the official ball of the UEFA Champions League 2000-2001. In fact, this is a historic ball because it is the last Champions League ball that was created by Nike. It is a product that engineers, designers and PR managers have done a great job. Engineers tried to create the most light and round ball. For this, four coating layers and a special lightweight construction of the internal part were used.

This ball also received an incredible advertising campaign. Several videos were created specifically to promote Nike Geo Merlin. The most famous and high-budget video showed several football superstars who invade a closed base to steal this ball. They are confronted by the evil ninja robots that guard Nike Geo Merlin.

Despite the fact that UEFA subsequently decided to switch to soccer balls from the Adidas company, the advertising campaign paid off. This ball was used for another 4 years in various top European championships and cups.

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