This site was created by two people – a professional artist and an ex-football freestyle player. Here you can find descriptions and images of foot balls from different eras and tournaments. Each official ball is a piece of history that is reflected in the design features.

We tried to present you the highest quality images of foot balls and structure them so that it looks like a catalog of soccer balls. We described the features of the structure and appearance of each ball and focused on the most important details.

In addition to foot balls, you can also see many freestyle foot balls, as well as authoring and design work. For your convenience, we have presented all the balls in two classifications – by brands and tournaments. This will allow you to trace the history of the creation and development of soccer balls, from the iconic models of the 1970s to the super-tech balls of today. The evolution from cotton seams to the era of heat sealing and thermal printing looks impressive, doesn’t it?

We hope that you will fall in love with our passion and evaluate the soccer balls from our database. There is a whole story behind each of them.