Nike Geo Merlin Premier League

Nike Geo Merlin

Nike Geo Merlin is the official Premier League ball for the 2000-2001 and 2001-2002 seasons. In fact, 2000 was a historic year for the Premier League because it was this year that the Nike ball first appeared on the English football field. It was the beginning of a collaboration that has been going on for over 21 years.

Full scientific research and many wind tunnel experiments were used to develop this Nike Geo Merlin Premier League. Based on the results of experiments, Nike engineers declared that it was the most accurate and fastest ball ever. This is a really cool ball that has angular panels. The multi-layer outer coating provides excellent flight and quality bounce. The seams are located as deep as possible, so the ball can be used in any weather.

By the way, you may have seen another Nike Geo Merlin as the official ball of the Champions League 2000-2001. The ball for the English championship differs only in color. Here we see an aristocratic and stylish combination of gold and blue with a white background. In the center of the four-leaf pattern are the Nike and Premier League logos. This is a really stylish ball.

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