Adidas Roteiro


How do you imagine a ball that laid down the basic principles of the construction of legends such as Teamgeist, Europass or Krasava? Do you think this is a ball that consists of several rounded parts? No, this is not true.

We mean Adidas Roteiro. This is a ball that was created specifically for the 2004 European Championship in Portugal.

The silver sphere with small drawings from afar does not look noticeable. However, if you look at this ball close up, you will see a complete absence of seams. For the first time in history, a ball was created using thermal bonding technology.

A lot of effort and money was invested in the advertising campaign of the ball. You could see Raul, Beckham and Ballack, who trained with this ball and expressed positive reviews. The ball was integrated into Pepsi advertisements and European Championship matches announcements. Was this true? In fact, yes. The ball was really light and comfortable. The absence of seams made this shell completely impervious to moisture. Even now Adidas Roteiro looks very dignified. By the way, the name of this ball corresponds to the name of the logbook of the famous navigator from Portugal Vasco da Gama.

Adidas Roteiro also was the official UEFA Women’s Euro Cup 2005 ball in England.

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