Nike Ordem 2

Nike Ordem 2

This is really a very cool but very weird ball. Firstly, this is the first Nike ball for the European Championships, which was created using heat-sealing technology. Secondly, this ball is called Nike Ordem 2. But no one has yet seen a simple Nike Ordem. Thirdly, this ball has a truly acidic design.

In fact, this is a very cool and high-quality ball. Finally, the guys from Nike said goodbye to synthetic threads and switched to thermal bonding. This was clearly delighted by the players of European clubs, because this ball immediately after creation went to the LA League, Premier League and Serie A 2014-2015.

For Nike Ordem 2, AEROW TRAC technology was used. This is an unusual texture on the outside of the ball cover that improves the control and aerodynamic properties of the ball. Also, a bright acid pattern was designed specifically for the most comfortable control of the ball in sight.

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