Molten Europa League 2019/20

For the new season of the Europa League, engineers and designers from Molten presented their new Molten Europa League 2019/20. This ball is pretty much like the previous Molten ball for the Europa League. We can see the same white background with angular yellow-orange patterns. These patterns with sharp bends symbolize the ups and downs that occur in the history of any club and in the career of any champion. By the way, we can note the observance of the tradition, which is the mandatory presence of yellow and orange colors in the design of the ball. It began with the very first ball of the Europa League and continues to this day. This is something like the stars on the Champions League balls.

We can also see new elements in the design of the ball, for example, black panels. This is a reference to the classic Adidas soccer balls.

The aerodynamic properties are still excellent. This is a very nice quality ball with which your punches and innings will become even more masterly. The technology of thermal bonding and the special texture of the outer coating provides perfect control in any weather. So Molten Europa League 2019/20 is a very cool ball. We hope Molten joined the Europa League for a long time.


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