Adidas Finale Istanbul

Adidas Finale Istanbul

The change in the design concept of the seams did not have any effect on the habits of designers from Adidas. These guys are well aware of their job and create the best soccer balls in the world. The favorite tradition of these masters is the periodic use of the urban atmosphere in the appearance of soccer balls.

So we see a bright, unusual ball, which was created specifically for the final part of the UEFA Champions League 2019/20. Again, it’s the design of the ball with asymmetrically connected stars. Like previous models, Adidas Finale Istanbul has bright stars and colorful background.

Speaking of background. We see a large number of pale blue, which turns into a light lilac. In fact, Adidas designers were inspired by Istanbul city maps, warm evenings, and the sound of the waves of the Bosphorus. The most important tournament symbols are located inside the stars. The combination of white, lilac, blue, and urban style is real art. This is for sure one of the most stylish balls ever.

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