Adidas Telstar


Oh yes, this is real classic. What could be more canonical than a soccer ball that consists of black and white panels? Adidas Telstar was presented for the 1970 World Cup which was held in Mexico. Since then, the appearance of this soccer ball has become famous and recognizable even for people who have never watched football.

Adidas Telstar is made from genuine leather. Each ball was hand-sewn using strong cotton threads. The ball design is inspired by the world’s first private space communications satellite of the same name. The famous black and white angular panels are an exemplary copy of the outer surface of the satellite. The design of this ball has become a worldwide asset. Such balls are in any computer football simulator. Every year, millions of fakes and official balls are created in the world that copy this iconic appearance.

By the way, such football stars as Pele and Gerd Muller were lit at this World Cup. The winner was the Brazilian national team, which finally secured the best team on the planet. After this tournament, the name of the Brazilian national team became a household name, which signified total superiority in football.


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