Adidas Europe League 2009/2010

Adidas Europe League 2009

The Europa League is probably the youngest of the largest football tournaments of our time. As you recall, the Europa League is the successor to the UEFA Cup, which was last played in 2008. The main officials of European football really decided to start everything from scratch, canceling the previous tournament and previous contracts with Nike company.

So, the era of the Europa League and the Adidas balls came in 2009. Especially for the first in the history of the Europa League season, the guys from Adidas presented a new ball. Technically, this ball is no different from Adidas Europass. As you remember, several iconic balls based on Europass technology were also created for the Champions League. That is, we see the usually rounded seams in the form of an infinity sign, ideal aerodynamic characteristics, and a pleasant convex texture.

What can we say about the appearance of this ball? Yellow and dark orange are the colors that form the official logos of the new tournament. Not surprisingly, the new ball has just such a color scheme. This is a very beautiful and stylish ball, which marked the beginning of a whole series of yellow-orange balls. Today Adidas Europe League 2009/2010 is a real rarity. You can meet this ball only on the shelves of real football fans or in the collections of freestyle football players.

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