Adidas Conext19

Adidas Conext19

Adidas Conext19 is the official qualifying ball for the 2020 UEFA European Championship.

As you remember, UEFA and Adidas have entered into a partnership agreement to create special balls for the qualification of the main football tournament in Europe. The football world has already seen the beautiful ball for the qualification of the European Championship 2016, and now we can get acquainted with this new Adidas Conext19 for the European Championship 2020.

The appearance of this ball is associated with our planet. White means clouds, red corresponds to continents, and green and blue to seas and oceans. By the way, one of Monta balls is also dedicated to our planet and the nature around us.

Technologically speaking, it is an excellent ball with excellent aerodynamics and a seamless structure. The unusual texture of the outer layer allows for maximum control in the most difficult moments of the game.

This ball is also the official ball of the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France.

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