Monta Earth Ball

Monta Earth Ball is a versatile ball that is suitable for daily freestyle football skills training and for uncompromising street football matches. Monta Earth Ball will be a great choice even for a classic 11×11 football match. Perfect aerodynamic performance and high-quality rebound allow you to perfectly control the ball. To be honest, I hope that one day I will see the World Cup with a ball that will be decorated with these magnificent dragons.

Monta engineers use modern technology to create truly competitive top-level balls. If you take this ball in your hands, you will feel a ribbed surface texture. This is necessary for perfect control in conditions of high humidity or precipitation.

And now let’s look at the design. The creators of this ball used a pretty strong message. This is a concern for our small planet, which is a common home for all of us. We see a background that symbolizes the mountain peaks that form the topography of the Earth. Monta’s signature red dragons are placed on top of this background.

The guys from the Monta company took a certain risk by abandoning the usual coating of rough denim. This coating has become the hallmark of the company for many years. Today we see a ball made of artificial leather and this is a pretty cool start, isn’t it?

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