Adidas Euro Qualifier

Adidas Euro Qualifier

Adidas Euro Qualifier is the official UEFA European Championship-2016 qualifying ball. In fact, it was the first Euro Championship in history to have a special ball for the qualifying round. This became possible due to a new contract between UEFA and Adidas. Europe’s premier football organization and a huge ball manufacturer signed a contract to create balls for qualifications in 2014.

Technologically, this ball is no different from Brazuca. It is the same sphere made up of six flat panels. The panels are bonded using thermal bonding technology. The small bump texture provides perfect control and excellent aerodynamics. This is a really great ball.

What about the appearance of this ball? So we see an unusual pattern in the form of lines of gray and dark red colors. This is due to the new logo for the qualifying tournament, which looks like a gray heart with a soccer jersey inside on a red background. The lines on this ball form a pattern of two connecting hearts. We can see this pattern on Adidas Nativo, Adidas Conext 15 and other Adidas balls.

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