Adidas Uniforia



The name of the new adidas ball consists of the words “union” and “euphoria”. The design of this beautiful sports equipment is appropriate. You can see the dark contours of the bridges that connect countries and continents. The shores of the continents are indicated by bright colors that symbolize neon lights.

So the design of the ball practically does not differ from Adidas Telstar 18. This is still the same excellent projectile, which has excellent aerodynamic qualities. The coating has a characteristic corrugated texture. It improves control and grip.

The tournament venue is quite symbolic. More precisely, places. For the first time in history, the World Cup will be held in 11 countries. This quite clearly shows the UEFA course on the association of football fans across the continent. Note the blurry lines on Adidas Uniforia. This symbolizes the erosion of borders and barriers between fans of different countries.

This is the official ball of the European Cup 2020. Until now, Adidas Uniforia is the main ball of European and World Tournaments.

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