Puma Ligue 1 10-11

Puma Ligue 1 10-11

Puma Ligue 1 10-11 is the official Ligue 1 ball 2010-2011. This ball looks really interesting and unusual. The design of this ball forms an illusion. When we look at the Puma Ligue 1 10-11, it seems to us that there are three crisscrossing dark rings on the white ball. In fact, this is a feature of the arrangement of the panels. Extruded panels are dark and triangular panels are painted white. This is why we might think that the ball is inside three rings. On top of the white background is the well-recognized Puma logo.

What about aerodynamics? This is a fairly light and accurate ball. However, in 2010-2011, Puma was inferior to Nike and Adidas in technologies for creating the outer layer of soccer balls. Nike Tracer had a detailed relief of the outer surface in the form of grooves. By that time, Adidas also released several dozen different models with a raised outer layer using the “goosebumps” technology.

However, this ball has a well-thought-out construction even though it lacks technological innovation. It is a pleasant, quality ball that is suitable for the most important and big tournaments.

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