Adidas Finale London

Adidas Finale London

We are used to the fact that the Champions League balls have an excellent design. In fact, it’s quite difficult to make an ugly ball with these magnificent stars. But for the final of the Champions League 2011 a truly memorable ball was created.
If you remember how the previous Champions League ball is structured, you will not see any changes in the construction.

This is a continuation of the idea to create seams in the form of a pattern of the Champions League. You can also see a well-known coating in the form of an unusual texture. The ball has a pleasant weight when juggling and at the same time its lightness allows you to score incredibly spectacular goals. By the way, Adidas Finale London is a very popular ball among the top freestyle football players in the world.

The ball is made in a stylish combination of red, orange and white. By the way, Adidas designers were able to combine incongruous – red and acid-orange colors. That looks cool, doesn’t it? The designers who created this ball were inspired by the color style of the flag of England. As you know, this is the red cross of St. George on a white background.

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