Nike Total 90 Tracer (Premier-League)

Nike Total 90 Tracer

Nike Total 90 Tracer is the official ball of the Premier League 2010-2011. In the early 2010s, the football world gradually switched to balls that are created using absolutely seamless technology. Nike aimed to maintain full competition by using balls with seams. It was quite challenging, however, the last few balls made with the old technology were really high quality.

Nike Total 90 Tracer has become one of those balls. Here we see a high-quality multi-layer outer coating, embossed texture, and great design. Full-fledged scientific research deserves special mention to identify the most suitable color for balls for maximum visual control. The guys at Nike are really serious about their products. Technologically, this ball does not differ from other Total 90 Tracer balls, for example, from a ball for LA Liga.

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