Nike Flight Seria A Hi-Vis

nike flight seria a winter

Nike Flight Seria A Hi-Vis is the official winter ball of Serie A for the season 2020-2021. Italy is a southern country with a mild climate and snowy frosty winters are rare here. However, Nike provides some of the top European championships with winter balls, and Serie A is no exception. The traditional color for Nike winter balls is bright yellow. This is very different from other corporations. As you know, Adidas prefers bright orange winter balls, while Puma experiments with pink and green colors. In fact, all of these colors look great on a snowy soccer field.

For a winter soccer ball manufacturer, the color of the outer layer is not the only concern. It is also very important to ensure minimum slip and maximum control in all weather conditions. All modern manufacturers cope with this difficulty. For example, Nike designed a ball model with four panels that are heat sealed together. An additional measure to enhance control and stabilization of flight are special grooves that affect air resistance and provide ideal accuracy.

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