Adidas Finale 20 Winterball

adidas finale 20 winterball

Adidas Finale 20 Winterball is the official UEFA Champions League winter ball for the 2020/2021 season. As in previous seasons, Adidas again introduced a winter version of the ball for the main European football tournament. It often happened that winter balls looked even more perfect than the classic versions. Yes, these guys really know how to create amazing balls.

As before, this ball has no differences from the base model except for the colors. The blue-orange background of the base ball has also been replaced with black and dark blue. The star-shaped texture of the outer layer also enhances ball control in bad weather conditions.

Let’s also note the excellent aerodynamics of the Adidas balls. For the past few years, the engineers of the German sports mega-corporation have been using an unusual ball design. These guys went their own way again without reducing the number of panels. As a result, we see panels that correspond in shape to the Champions League stars. Does this impair control? Of course not. This is one of the most perfect balls ever in the history of football.

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