Puma Statement Winter


Puma Statement Winter is the official La Liga winter ball for the 2019/2020 season. It seems that the German ball maker has come to Spain for a long time. Spain is a country with a mild southern climate. Therefore, frost and snow there is an infrequent phenomenon. However, the prudent Puma managers decided to introduce a winter ball in case of snowy weather.

Technologically, Puma Statement Winter does not differ from the summer model. Irregularly shaped panels and thermal bonding as the only connection method make this ball perfectly adaptable to frost and damp weather. But here there are many differences in color. The background color changed from white to hot pink. The orange Puma logo is now yellow.

Puma has organized a very good advertising campaign for the new balls. The top stars of the Spanish championship have tested these balls and talked about it in a large number of interviews.

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