Adidas Torfabrik 2011/2012 Winter Ball

Not only the Champions League needs winter balls, right? In fact, winter affects all European championships. Players of each team should experience maximum comfort in every game. In the Bundesliga since last year, Adidas is responsible for this. These are quite serious guys, so they prepared winter balls for each season.

So we see a copy of the ball for summertime in bright pink. These colors are ideal for matches in snowy weather. The convex texture and thermal bonding technology are especially relevant in difficult weather conditions. Adidas Torfabrik 2011/2012 Winter guarantees that the game will be affected only by the skills of football players and the strategic thinking of the coaches.

Adidas Torfabrik 2011/2012 Winter is a pretty rare ball. In fact, all balls for winter matches are a pretty difficult thing to buy. You can find this ball on the shelves of the true fans of the German Bundesliga or in the collections of freestyle soccer players who love Adidas balls no less than Monta balls.

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