Adidas Finale 13 Powerorange

Adidas Finale 13 Powerorange

As you know, many Champions League matches take place in the winter. Therefore, the Adidas company regularly presents new balls of bright orange color especially for contrast with the snow. Such balls allow everyone to get more comfort from the game. Players create more spectacular moments due to excellent control, the judges notice even the slightest violation and the fans enjoy the game without straining their eyesight.

That is why Adidas introduced this beautiful Adidas Finale 13 Powerorange specifically for the winter matches of the 2013-2014 season. Technically, this ball is no different from a ball for summer weather. Even the pattern on the stars coincides with the pattern on the stars of the summer ball. The only difference is a bright orange background instead of white and the blue color of stars instead of red.

Freestyle football players also love Adidas Finale 13 Powerorange, however, as part of the collection. The fact is that during long training, many athletes feel tired in their eyes from a bright color.

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