Adidas Torfabrik 2011/2012

Adidas Torfabrik 2011-2012

Adidas Torfabrik 2011/2012 is the second official Bundesliga ball in history. Fans and soccer stars of German football really liked the previous ball. As you remember, it was created on the basis of the design of Adidas Jabulani. Adidas Torfabrik 2011/2012 also does not have any individual design. This ball is based on the super-popular Tango 12.

The bright red color of the Bundesliga logo, which was the color scheme of the past ball, is also present in this ball. However, in this ball, we also see elements of blue and silver colors. This ball is still considered one of the best Bundesliga balls ever.

Adidas Torfabrik 2011/2012 has excellent aerodynamic characteristics. This ball is a great choice for top-level tournaments. It is also an ideal ball for training any football skills. You can hone your penalty kick skills perfectly or learn some new freestyle football combinations with this ball.

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