Adidas Terrapass

The Adidas Terrapass is an unusual stylish ball that is a variation of the super-popular Europass. In fact, tThesehese are technologically identical balls. We can see the familiar construction of 14 rounded panels that join without a single seam. High-temperature bonding technology guarantees excellent aerodynamic performance and superior rebound. In addition, this method of connecting the panels eliminates the change in the characteristics of the ball during matches in rainy or snowy weather.

The design of this ball also echoes the basic design concept of Europass. But in our case, instead of the black circles of Europass, we see stylish and inspiring images of our planet. No, Europass was really beautiful. These laconic black circles were a clear reference to the classic soccer balls of the 1970s. However, Adidas Terrapass invites us to look at our planet and understand that we are all neighbors and that many things unite us. For example, football.

Today Adidas Terrapass is a real rarity. There are many soccer enthusiasts and freestyle football players out there who cherish this ball on a shelf as part of their collection. By the way, this ball still has the status of a cult item among freestyle football players.

Adidas Terrapass has a great design and top-end aerodynamic performance. Because of this, this ball is the official ball of many official tournaments. For example, the Adidas Terrapas is the official ball of the 2008 FIFA Club World Cup.

With the planet Earth on its surface, the Adidas Terrapass ball becomes more than just a playing tool. It brings symbolic meaning and inspiration to the football field, reminding us of how football can bring us together and empower every player to be part of something bigger.


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