Adidas Europass



As you know, Adidas Teamgeist has become a real revolution among soccer balls. It was the 2006 World Cup. However, a magnificent revolutionary ball was also presented at the Euro 2008 Cup. This is Adidas Europass.

This is a continuation of the idea of the creators of Adidas Teamgeist. However, some new elements have been added here. For example, this is an innovative coating – it is called “goosebumps.” If you take this beautiful ball in your hands, you will feel small dots all over the surface. This is goosebumps.

Adidas Europass has a very cool design. This is a reference to the first Adidas Telstar balls, which consisted of black and white panels. However, thin lines and rounded contours of patterns symbolize new technologies and a new look at the development of a soccer ball.

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