Adidas Krasava

Adidas Krasava is the official ball for the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup. Adidas is the premier ball supplier for the biggest international tournaments and that’s great. We can say so because these guys are great at integrating national landmarks into ball designs. In this case, we see a ball, which is decorated with a pattern in the form of a scattering of precious stones. In Russia, talented people are called “samorodok”. This word means a piece of a gem or metal that naturally formed.

Also, the guys from Adidas chose a non-random name for this ball. Russian athletes use the word “Krasava” as the highest praise. This translates as “you did it like a master”.

Technologically, this ball is identical to Adidas Brazuca. It is the same top-level construction of six flat panels that are heat-sealed. This technology guarantees perfect rebound and superior aerodynamic performance. Each ball created on the basis of Brazuсa became a real work of art. For example, you might think of beautiful balls like Adidas Torfabrik 2014/2015 or Adidas Europa League 2014/15. This is not the rarest ball today, but it is likely that in a few years the purchase of this ball will become a real problem.

By the way, this ball was also used as the official ball of FIFA Club World Cup 2016.

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