Adidas Pyrostorm


Adidas Pyrostorm is the new official ball of the UEFA Champions League 2021/2022. So we see that Adidas decided to go back to the classy white background and bright, colored stars. This is the first such ball since 2018. As you remember, the last few years we have seen balls in the Champions League with a bright, contrasting background and white solid stars.

As a result, we see a stunning super-tech ball with a classic design. The panels, which are shaped like stars, connect asymmetrically – if you remember, this design has been present in Adidas Champions League balls since 2019. However, Pyrostorm looks like the stars are connecting symmetrically. This effect is created by the dark bands between the stars. The aerodynamics of this ball are excellent. You can feel it even if you just juggle a little while you warm up.

The rebound and density of this ball is ideal for top-tier matches. By the way, as I said, football superstars aren’t the only ones using the Adidas Champions League balls. Freestyle soccer players also use these balls in major tournaments such as the world and continental championships. This is a really great ball.

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