Adidas Finale 19

It seems to you that you are seeing something rather strange, isn’t it? This is the new ball from Adidas, which is presented as the official ball of the UEFA Champions League 2019-2020. As we can see, the concept of a colorful background and solid stars continues to dominate.

The outer layer of the ball has an excellent corrugated texture. Thermo-bonding technology provides a perfect rebound and excellent aerodynamic performance. However, we can see great oddities in the design of this ball. The classic stars of the Champions League have connected asymmetrically and the edge of one star extends beyond the edge of a neighboring star. This is a rather controversial decision, but many fans and stars of European clubs have already noted that this ball is the best Adidas company has ever made.

You can also notice that the bright motley background is freed from inscriptions as much as possible. The tournament logo and the Adidas logo are located directly inside the stars. By the way, unlike previous models, we can see a black border of each star.

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