Adidas Finale 18

You see something strange now, right? This is similar to the first Adidas UEFA Champions League ball design revolution in a few years. We do not see any changes in the technological plan – these are all the same seams that follow the contours of the stars of the Champions League, relief coating, and a pleasant weight during juggling. However, we see incredible changes in design.

Of course, you saw these white stars. Of course, you saw these white stars. This is a very bold and innovative solution by Adidas designers, in fact. Football fans and stars of the best European clubs warmly accepted this change. In a matter of days, Adidas Finale 18 became the most coveted product in sports stores throughout Europe.

The final of the last Champions League was a farewell match for balls with dark stars and white background. It was sad, actually. However, Adidas Finale 18 marked the beginning of a whole line of balls with white stars. Such a design maneuver made it possible to realize all ideas while working with the background. Let’s see what comes of it.

Adidas Finale 18 is the official ball of the UEFA Champions League 2018/2019 and the first ball in the history of the tournament with white stars and blue background. The ball has no technical differences from its predecessors, such as the Adidas Finale 13 or Adidas Finale Cardiff.

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