Adidas Prime Final

Adidas Prime Final is the official ball of the final match of MLS. This ball completely repeats the construction of the ball for the MLS-2012 matches, as well as the construction of Adidas Tango 12. In fact, the golden balls for the final matches were first introduced by Adidas. If you remember, it was the 2006 World Cup final and Teamgeist with a gold pattern.

This ball is created in much the same way. We see the already familiar abstract triangular pattern, only now the classic MLS colors have been replaced with gold and black. The background color has also changed – instead of the classic white background, we see a metallic silver background. Overall, this ball perfectly conveys the atmosphere of something unusual and outstanding.

By the way, this ball also looks like the famous Europass, especially the version for the 2008 Uefa Euro Cup final. In any case, it is a rather rare and valuable ball today.

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