Adidas Tango 12

adidas tango 12


If you like to turn pages of our site or just know the history of football well, this name is clearly familiar to you. That was the name of the classic soccer ball that was created for the 1978 World Cup. If we talk about the similarities between the ball, which we consider in this article, and the ball of 1978, we can only note the shape. Both of these balls are round.

Everything else is a completely different ball. Here you can see an innovative multi-layer coating. The topmost layer is coated with a ribbed texture for better control. The ball has become more dense and controlled. Goalkeepers, who were horrified by previous Adidas models, were pleased with this model.

Adidas Tango 12 is the official ball of the European Cup 2012 in Ukraine and Poland. The design of the ball is made in the style of color patterns from paper, which are a national art in both countries.

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