Adidas Prime



Adidas Prime is the official ball of MLS 2012. This ball is a variation of the Adidas Tango 12 and does not differ from the version for UEFA Euro Cup 2012, except for the design. That is why Adidas Prime is a superbly controlled ball with excellent bounce. The heat seal technology and the special relief of the outer layer ensure excellent grip in any weather.

What’s with the design? We see the traditional colors of the Major League Soccer on a classic white background. Green and blue go well with the shape of the Adidas Tango 12 pattern. By the way, it was after this ball that the use of traditional MLS colors ceased for many seasons. We will see many more cool models, but as you know, I am a real fan of tradition and I don’t really like it.

In conclusion, this is a wonderful rare ball that is still ideal for tournaments of all levels.

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