Adidas Prime 2

Adidas Prime 2 is the Official Ball of MLS 2013. This ball does not differ from the previous Major Soccer League ball, as well as from Adidas Tango 12. All these balls are composed of flat, rounded panels. In the construction of each of these balls, you will not find a single seam, because heat sealing is a more perfect method of joining panels. Adidas Prime 2 has a nice bounce and great aerodynamics. The surface layer of this ball is not perfectly smooth. The slight relief, which you immediately feel the first time you touch the ball, provides maximum control in the most dynamic moments in any weather.

Also, this ball has a traditional design based on Adidas Tango 12. However, in this case, we see a rather unusual pattern in the form of three green ribbons that form triangles. The ribbons have a three-dimensional appearance. Against a dark blue background, these ribbons look like laser beams. Lateral to the narrow part of the pattern, we can see  Adidas and Major League Soccer logos. Slightly below is the traditional signature of the main MLS commissioner.

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