Adidas Nativo



Adidas Nativo is the official ball of Major League Soccer 2015. Technologically this ball does not differ from Adidas Brazuca. You may be familiar with the pattern of this ball, because, in 2015-2016, Adidas presented several similar balls at once for the top world leagues and cups. If you remember, the ball from this series was the first Europa League ball without the traditional yellow-orange color scheme. And in MLS, the tradition of using blue and green colors was interrupted even on the last ball.

By the way, let me say a few words about traditions. This season we see a new MLS logo. The past image of the ball and boot has been replaced by a stylish, minimalistic emblem with an empty half. This half, according to the ideas of the designers, is intended for individual inscriptions or logos.

Overall, Adidas Nativo is an excellent ball. The aerodynamic qualities of Brazuca guarantee perfect control. The absence of seams and the embossed finish make this ball a great choice for matches in bad weather. The pleasant weight and good rebound of this ball will definitely appeal to the players of football freestyle. The abstract infinity sign pattern has the colors of the USA and Canadian national flags. We also see light gray symbols of these countries on a white background.

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