Adidas Europa League 2016/17

Adidas Europa League 2016

This is something weird, isn’t it? We have long been accustomed to the yellow-orange style of the Europa League. Since the first Europa League in history, yellow-orange balls have become a real symbol of the second most important competition of clubs in Europe.

This tradition lasted seven years and we got used to the yellow-orange balls as the stars on the Champions League balls. However, in 2016, something strange happened and the guys from Adidas decided to change recognizable colors to a combination of red and blue. This is a pretty controversial decision. Particularly strange is the full correspondence of the appearance of the ball for the previous season of the Europa League. Of course, the past pattern looked cool in combination with Brazuca type’s seams. Was it worth breaking the tradition for this? Hard to answer, actually.

In any case, it is a stylish and beautiful ball, which is suitable for holding top-level tournaments. Today it’s not easy to get this ball. Adidas Europa League 2016/17 is a rather rare model.


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