Adidas Prime 3


Adidas Prime 3 is the official ball of the Major League Soccer-2014. The construction of this ball does not differ from the construction of Brazuca. In fact, Brazuca is a really excellent ball. We can understand the Adidas who created a real masterpiece among soccer balls and immediately introduced several official balls based on its construction.

However, the resemblance to Adidas Europa League 2014/15 is strange, because these are really very similar balls to each other.

Overall, this is a great, technologically advanced ball with a very stylish design. The pattern of this ball is located at the junction of the panels. By the way, like many previous Adidas balls, this ball has no seams, because the technology of heat sealing has long conquered the world. Another advantage of balls based on Brazuca is the relief of the outer coating. These bumps really affect ball control for the better.

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