Adidas Nativo XXV

Adidas Nativo XXV is the official match ball of Major League Soccer 2020. This ball has an unusual appearance – you can see the color combination typical of the very first MLS balls. In 2020, the largest American Football League celebrated its 25th anniversary, and in honor of this, Adidas presented this special anniversary ball.

Technologically, this ball is a sphere, which consists of elongated, angular panels. These panels are joined by gluing at high temperatures. You may have seen a similar construction in other Adidas balls. For example, Captain Tsubasa and Uniforia are arranged in the same way. All these balls have great bounce and top-end aerodynamics.

Adidas Nativo XXV is a jubilee ball with a special design. In a few years, Adidas Nativo XXV will become a real rarity.

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