Adidas Captain Tsubasa

Adidas Captain Tsubasa is the official ball of the FIFA Club World Cup 2019. This ball has a new, unusual design. As you can see, Captain Tsubasa is mainly composed of rectangular panels. This is quite revolutionary because we have not seen balls made of rectangular panels since the first balls for the World Cup.

However, these rectangular seams are now being joined using high temperature bonding technology. Because of this technology, the ball has excellent aerodynamic characteristics. Also, this ball has a great bounce and a pleasant feeling of heaviness when juggling.

Another interesting feature concerns design. The name of the ball is related to the famous series of Japanese comics about Captain Tsubasa. The design of the ball is also associated with comics. Vibrant colors and comic explosion-like elements form a distinct style. It is one of the most stylish and conceptual balls ever.

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