Adidas Europa League 2014/15

Adidas Europa League 2013

Unlike the Champions League, the Europa League does not have a special ball construction. Do you think this is bad? In fact, this is pretty controversial. On the one hand, the seams in the form of stars look really cool. But on the other hand, we can see a very cool designer finds with construction already familiar to us. In this case, we see a ball whose structure is similar to Adidas Brazuca.

An excellent tradition of the Europa League is balls in the same color scheme. Adidas Europa League 2014/15 was no exception. Bright yellow and dark orange curved lines fit perfectly on Brazuka’s seams. The connection area of the three panels is painted in bright red. Around are curved wavy lines of light orange color. On a white background is the emblem of the Europa League.

Technically, Adidas Europa League 2014/15 is no different from Adidas Brazuka. However, this ball is much rarer. You can find it on shelves with real fans of European football or among freestyle football players.

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