Adidas Torfabrik 2014/2015

FIFA World Cup 2014 amazed everyone. It was a very cool and memorable tournament. Besides the fact that the world appreciated the incredible power of German football, there were many interesting events in this world championship. For example, football fans, commentators and superstars have appreciated the new Brazuca. Adidas Brazuca is a soccer ball with an innovative design. This ball consists of only 6 panels, which are bonded using thermal bonding technology.

This ball has influenced many leagues and championships. And, of course, the Bundesliga immediately got the brand new Adidas Torfabrik 2014/2015, which is based on Brazuсa. All Brazuca derivatives are great balls with ideal bounce and perfect aerodynamics. Thermal bonding technology and ribbed coating ensure ball control in all weather conditions. That is why we regularly see quality winter versions of Adidas balls.

What’s with the design? We see a bright, contrasting ball with an interesting pattern. Red-blue elements of the picture are located along the joints of the panels. In the areas where the three panels are connected, light spots imitate glow. By the way, you can see a very similar effect if you look at the Adidas Europa League 2014/15.

As always, the Adidas balls are great. This is a really cool and high quality ball.


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