Adidas Kopanya

The FIFA Confederations Cup is a rather unusual tournament. It was a competition that tested the country’s readiness to host the World Cup. There have been 8 Confederation Cups in history. In 2009, South Africa became the host country of the Confederations Cup. It was a tournament before the 2010 World Cup that was supposed to test the country’s readiness.

FIFA Confederations Cup – 2009 was remembered not only for sensational victories and beautiful goals. Also in 2009, the world saw one of the most beautiful and stylish balls ever – Adidas Kopanya.

The construction of this ball is similar to that of  Adidas Europass. This ball consists of 14 rounded panels that are heat-sealed together. Pleasant softness, jumping ability and ideal aerodynamic qualities – all these bonuses are due to every ball created on the basis of Europass.

The designers who created this ball were inspired by the traditional art of the Ndebele people. The designers who created Adidas Kopanya were inspired by the traditional art of the Ndebele people. These are angular, bright drawings in black edging, which are located on the walls of houses and serve as decoration for interiors.

So, Adidas Kopanya is the official ball of the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup. It is one of the brightest and most beautiful balls ever. Today, it is a very rare ball that you can only find in online stores. By the way, Adidas Kopanya is very popular among top level football freestyle players.For example, Kamalio from South Africa (2010 vice-world champion) used this ball for a long time in his live perfomances and tournaments.

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