Adidas Finale Moscow

Adidas Finale Moscow

Adidas Finale Moscow was created specifically for the 2007–2008 Champions League final. It was a grand battle between the two English teams. Chelsea and Manchester United could not identify the winner in regular time. Only a penalty shootout showed that this evening the mancunians were more worthy of victory.

Adidas engineers introduced a new ball model specifically for this incredible match. Adidas Finale Moscow redesigned the recently presented Europass. You can see the same rounded seams and revolutionary texture that improves control and allows for the most incredible maneuvers.

If we talk about design, then this is clearly one of the most aristocratic balls ever. The muted golden color of the background goes well with the dark red color of the stars of the Champions League. Adidas designers said that they were inspired by Russian architecture and works of art in Tsarist Russia.


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