Adidas Finale Kyiv

adidas final kiev

Adidas has been creating beautiful balls for the Champions League for nearly 20 years. Each new ball had a new, unique design. We saw balls with drawings in the form of dragons, city attractions, and even with wishes from the stars of football. These were really beautiful balls. All balls were individual, but each ball had the same trait.

We are talking about a stylish, aristocratic white background that formed the perfect contrast with dark stars. Of course, this does not apply to winter balls. However, all the other balls always had a light background and dark stars. And Adidas Finale Kyiv (also known as Adidas final Kiev) is the last ball of the Champions League which has a light background and dark stars.

So we see a beautiful, stylish ball with the classic stars of the Champions League. Each star is painted in yellow, gold, and blue. These are the colors of the national flag of Ukraine, which in this ball also symbolize the night sky of the stadium, illuminated by searchlights. This ball was created specifically for the final part of the UEFA Champions League 2017-2018. The final of the tournament was held in Kyiv.

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