Adidas Finale 16

adidas finale 16

Designing new balls is a pretty simple job, isn’t it? What about the fact that every new ball should be a real masterpiece?

The guys from Adidas for a long time created very cool balls that symbolized cities, countries, or stadiums. We will see such balls more than once. However, for the Champions League 2016-2017, this is a pleasant and very cool exception.

Adidas Finale 16 is a classic Champions League ball. It looks like a tournament emblem. Noble white background and dark monophonic stars of the Champions League – what could be more stylish than that? However, there is an interesting detail. Each star is painted with wishes from the top stars of European football. Each inscription looks handwritten. The bright yellow color of the letters looks great on dark stars. These messages are inspirational slogans that helped top football players in the world believe in themselves. Tony Kroos, James Rodriguez, Mesut Ozil, and Garret Bale took part in the creation of this ball.

Technically, Adidas Finale 16 is no different from several previous Champions League goals. This ball is still used in various football competitions at various levels. It is also one of the most popular balls among freestyle football players.

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