Adidas Finale Cardiff

National art is a great source of inspiration for designers of the best soccer balls in the world. Adidas Cardiff Finale is an excellent confirmation of this idea. This ball was created specifically for the final of the UEFA Champions League 2017.

Dragon is one of the most famous creations in Celtic mythology. Also, the characteristic appearance of dragons and their ability to breathe fire came to us from Celtic mythology. The Celts inhabited the territory of modern Britain and their culture had a great influence on the culture of modern European countries.

So we see an excellent stylish ball with drawings in the form of Celtic dragons. The dark blue color of the scales goes well with bright yellow eyes and dark red lines.

Technically, Adidas Cardiff Finale is no different from the balls for the UEFA Champions League 2014 or 2013. This is the same comfortable ball with excellent aerodynamic characteristics and a technological coating. Everyone who has trained or played a match with these balls notes an excellent rebound and a pleasant burden when juggling.


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