Adidas Finale 4

Adidas created only four balls for the Champions League and we already see a very bold decision. This is the new Adidas Finale 4, which is presented as the official ball of the 2004-2005 UEFA Champions League. You can see the unusual construction of this ball. This is indeed the first ball in the history of the Champions League to be heat-sealed.

This feature immediately sets this ball apart from many other balls. The complete absence of seams creates completely different aerodynamic characteristics. Many top football players have commented that the Adidas Finale 4 allows for incredible goals and crazy trajectory passes. By the way, this ball was especially praised by the field players. Adidas Finale 4 is based on Adidas Roteiro, the official ball for the 2004 UEFA European Cup.

What do you think of the design of this ball? If you love classics and minimalism, you will definitely love this. The crimson stars of the Champions League with gold edging are pretty aristocratic, isn’t it? The white background is additionally decorated with a pattern in the form of silver five-pointed stars. This pattern is the hallmark of the first Adidas Champions League goals.

Note that the technological evolution of the Adidas products did not stop at this ball, because just a few years later we saw the new Adidas Finale Paris, which consists of 14 rounded panels.

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