Adidas Finale Paris

Adidas Champions League Finale Paris

The final match of the UEFA Champions League 2006 was very hot. It was the great hope of the London Arsenal for the first Champions League cup in their history. On the other hand was the formidable Barcelona, which also had huge ambitions. As you remember, the Spanish football club won this battle.

This match was remembered not only for incredible goals and dramatic moments. Also the 2006 Champions League final was notable for the fact that it was the first final in the history of the tournament in which the ball with rounded panels was used.

It is the new, revolutionary Adidas Champions League Finale Paris. This ball was created in the same design as the Teamgeist. For the first time, the traditional stars of the Champions League settled on a ball of rounded panels. The aerodynamic characteristics of this ball are similar to those of the Teamgeist. However, the players of Arsenal and Barcelona did not protest so vigorously against this ball as the stars of the world championships did. Today this ball is a priced rarity and decoration of the shelf of any collector.

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