Adidas Finale 13

Adidas Finale 13

Champions League season 2013-2014 turned out to be really hot. Real Madrid has demolished all competitors on its way to the cup. The most fierce resistance was provided by Borussia and Juventus. Incredible Spaniards destroyed Bavaria and several other European giants. No one could stop them.

These incredible events took place with the help of the new Adidas product. We are talking about the new stylish ball Adidas Finale 13. So it is a classic ball for the Champions League with bright stars and white aristocratic background. Each star is painted in bright red and silver shades. This symbolizes the powerful energy of support for the fans, which seeks to break out of the stadiums and spread throughout Europe. On the central stars, there is an asymmetric but world-famous emblem of the UEFA Champions League.

If we look at the surface and aerodynamic characteristics of this ball, we will not see differences from previous models of balls for the Champions League, such as Final Madrid or Adidas Final 12.

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