Adidas Finale 17 Winter Ball

What things can you name truly unchanged? You will probably think about changing the seasons, alternating day and night, or about the night sky. Another constant thing is the UEFA Champions League winter balls from Adidas.

The happy participants of the UEFA Champions League 2017-2018 also received sets of bright red balls decorated with flashes of lightning. Adidas Finale 17 Winter Ball is a really great ball that is perfect for training or matches in snowy weather.

This ball has excellent aerodynamic characteristics, a high-quality rebound, and an excellent texture coating. The highest quality standard set by Adidas balls has remained unchanged for over 15 years. Adidas Finale 17 Winter Ball is no different from other Adidas UEFA Champions League balls, for example, Adidas Finale 13 Powerorange or Adidas Finale 16.

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