Adidas Finale 12 Powerorange

Adidas Finale 12 Powerorange

Some football fans have blamed Adidas and Nike designers for creating many kinds of balls based on one successful ball model. To be honest, these are pretty controversial charges. Just look at such masterpieces as Teamgeist Red or Terrapass. However, there are derivative models of balls in which a color change is caused by necessity. I mean balls for the winter months.

As a rule, several weeks of the Champions League take place in Europe during the winter, so winter balls are a great solution for this tournament. All balls that are intended for matches in the winter must meet several requirements. Firstly, the color of the surface should be very bright and contrasting. Secondly, a bumpy surface topography is needed so that the ball does not glide too much in the snow. Third, we are talking about the Champions League, right? On the ball for this tournament must be located stars.

So Adidas Finale 12 Powerorange is a great ball. You can see full compliance with all three conditions. This is a very bright orange ball with a nice texture in the form of tubercles. Champions League Stars on hand. The design of the stars does not differ from the original version of the ball for summertime.



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